Margje van der Lei

My name is Margje van der Lei, I was born in 1962 and raised in Friesland, the most northern provence of the Netherlands.


After my secretarial education I left my country aged eighteen, to widen my horizon. I studied French in Geneva, where I lived for a year. After coming back I started working as a secretary and during my holidays I travelled whenever I could and visited various countries in Europe and North Africa. At age 27 I emigrated to the UK and lived and worked in London for 11 years.

I moved back to the Netherlands in 2001 and settled in a small town not far from Amsterdam and close to the sea. ​

Painting has been an almost daily part of my life for several years now. Besides painting I love to go for walks and I still like to travel. ​


If you would like to know more about  how I started painting and how I integrated this into my work as a self employed coach, please click here.